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Parks, shopping malls and museums have been closed yesterday after the increase in cases of corona virus in China.

According to international media reports, after the increase in new cases of Corona in China, the administration of many cities in the country has resumed large-scale Corona testing.

As China grapples with a rapid rise in new coronavirus cases, there are concerns about the country’s economy as there is little hope of markets reopening soon.

According to the report, 28,127 new corona cases have been reported in China on Monday, the highest daily since April.

The most new cases of Corona have been reported from China’s southern city of Guangzhou and the southwestern municipality of Chongqing.

Also, over the weekend, China also confirmed one death due to the novel coronavirus in the country, the country’s first death due to the novel coronavirus since May.

After this new wave of Corona in the country, China is examining the recent adjustments made in its Corona policy.

China’s new corona policy has asked the authorities to strictly adhere to precautionary measures so that there is no need to implement a widespread lockdown and corona testing in the country, as such drastic measures are detrimental to the economy of the country. are harmful.

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