Apple iPhone 14

Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 14 series of smartphones in 2022. The updated gadget is available in Rostov-on-Don at the digital accessories store, where you can buy it offline or online. The company has been selling Apple devices for over 10 years and offers only original equipment and official warranties. For more information about the store.

A number of features of the iPhone 14:

The design of the iPhone 14 is identical to the iPhone 13 unless it’s from the US, as it doesn’t have a physical SIM slot. There is no change to the glass used by the Ceramic Shield or the smartphone’s IP 68 certification for immersion. Apart from the new color, the phone is really indistinguishable from the iPhone 13, which is still popular, having the same weight and size parameters. Unlike the Pro model, the bezel is also aluminum, in which case the back is glossy, but luckily the purple color doesn’t really matter to prints. There’s also a useful audio profile slider.
The camera uses a unique raw image processing algorithm based on a 48-megapixel sensor that combines four neighboring pixels to improve image quality. In terms of output, the camera outputs images at 12 megapixels. This method produces better low-light photos with more detail. However, Apple is not the first company to use this approach. In addition, the iPhone 14 cameras have improved portrait mode functionality and introduced a raw image system.
The sound of the iPhone 14 is very high quality stereo. The speakers are still top notch, with good bass and very high volume without compromising quality. Therefore, the iPhone 14 cannot disappoint anyone in this regard, and it is also one of the best gadgets for recording from a microphone.
The battery life of the iPhone 14 is also very good. Battery life will improve if IOS 16 is installed and debugging is required.
If you don’t socialize much and don’t play games, there’s a good chance you can last two days on a single charge, both wired and wireless. With the iPhone 14, you won’t have a problem with an extra busy day of use.

Another interesting option is the SOS signal via satellite and emergency detection.

As the name suggests, the SOS satellite emergency service will help North American consumers in distress. So the smartphone transmits information and other data to the satellite, which, in turn, sends out distress signals.
Another safety feature, collision detection is also automatic. Using built-in sensors, including a wide dynamic range gyroscope and a dual-core accelerometer, the phone can determine if an accident has occurred and then automatically try to call for help. This can be used more often than satellite SOS alarms, and is a natural extension of options such as fall detection.

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