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Rare coins dating back to 100 years BC have been stolen from a museum in Germany.
According to the Associated Press, German police said on Tuesday that a large number of ancient coins were stolen from a museum in southern Germany.
According to Bavarian state police, the ancient coins were stolen from the Celtic and Roman Museum in Munching, 60 kilometers north of Munich, on Tuesday morning.

The 483 stolen coins were discovered in 1999 during excavations at Munching.
According to German news agency DPA, authorities say the coins are worth millions of euros.
“The loss of the Celtic-era treasure is a disaster,” said Markus Blum, Bavaria’s minister for science and arts.
“The loss of these coins as a symbol of our history is irreparable.”
He further said that the thieves have shown astonishing criminal ingenuity.
Police have appealed to the public if anyone has seen suspicious people around the museum or has any information about the thieves to share with the police.

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