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Daily record cases of corona virus were reported in China for the second day in a row, 32 thousand 943 cases were reported in the last 24 hours.

According to the foreign news agency, the global epidemic of corona virus has started gaining momentum in different cities of China, during the last two days, record corona cases were reported in Guangzhou and Chongqing.

According to the news agency, Corona restrictions have been tightened in many cities of China, including Beijing. Citizens have been instructed not to move unnecessarily due to the increase in Corona in the city of Chengchen.

According to media reports, in the directive issued, citizens have been asked to avoid going to public places, gatherings and restaurants.

According to the news agency, more than 20 thousand employees of the mobile phone factory in Zhengzhou left their jobs. Two days ago, the employees had protested against non-payment of salaries, corona restrictions.

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