Rats fearless

Rats not afraid of police in India have been revealed to have eaten 200 kg of cannabis seized in police stations.

According to foreign media, the police have blamed rats for destroying 200 kg of drugs kept in police stations.

The court had asked the police to produce the stock as evidence in drug trafficking cases.

The court of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has said that rats are small animals that have no fear of the police, it is a difficult task to protect drugs from them.

The judge cited 3 cases in which marijuana was destroyed by rats.

Judge Sanjay Chaudhary, in an order, said that when the court asked the police to produce the seized drugs as evidence, it was told that rats had destroyed 195 kg of cannabis.

The Indian judge said that the police did not have the capacity to deal with this case because rats are very small animals, this is one way to save the seized goods from these fearless rats, so it was auctioned to labs and pharmaceutical companies. go

According to foreign media, the police had filed a report in the court in another case that rats ate some of the 386 kg of cannabis seized.

On the other hand, a senior police officer of Mathura district says that the drugs kept in some police stations were not spoiled by rats but it was spoiled due to heavy rain.

Foreign media say that in 2017, the police in the eastern state of Bihar in India blamed rats for drinking thousands of liters of seized liquor.

Foreign media say eight police officers were fired in 2018 after rats were blamed for the disappearance of half a ton of cannabis from a police warehouse in Argentina.

Experts on the incident rejected the police’s claim saying that the rats were unlikely to mistake cannabis for food and if it did, many rats would have been found dead.

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