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According to reports, the document equates information products produced by foreign agents for minors with information that is harmful to the health and growth of children and adolescents. The bill also prohibits gatherings, marches and demonstrations near train stations, airports, educational institutions and public authority buildings. At the same time, the ban will not apply to public worship and other religious ceremonies and ceremonies that conform to the historical, cultural and other objective characteristics of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

According to the report, Vasily Piskarev, one of the drafters of the document and chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Foreign Interference in Russia’s Internal Affairs Fact-Finding Committee, pointed out earlier that the document provides for corresponding amendments to a series of existing laws “to ensure The basic law to monitor the activities of persons under foreign influence came into force on December 1”. In particular, amendments were made to the Banks and Banking Activities Act, the Law on Service of Law Enforcement and Security Organs, the State Secrets Act and the Electoral Act.

Piskarev said that after the law came into effect, “the employees of the internal affairs agency will not be able to continue to serve once they have obtained the status of foreign agents.” At the same time, he pointed out that foreign agents cannot organize public activities, become voting members of the Election Committee, and are not allowed to engage in the education of minors.

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