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Parents in China’s Hunan Province shocked everyone by giving their 8-year-old son a unique punishment at home.

According to a Chinese newspaper, the parents told their son to finish his school homework and go to sleep by 8:30 p.m., but when they returned, they found that their son was watching TV. Didn’t even complete school work.

According to reports, the mother got angry and made the child sit in the room to watch TV all night and forced the child to do the same.

According to foreign media, the parents kept an eye on the child throughout the night and made sure that he did not sleep and watched TV.

Initially, the child did not have any problem, but after some time due to exhaustion, he began to fall asleep, on which he cried and asked his mother to allow him to sleep, but the mother did not listen to him.

According to foreign media, the child was forced to watch TV till 5 am by the parents.

After the CCTV video surfaced on the internet, some users are criticizing the punishment given to the child as harsh.

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