honey producing ants

Honeypots, honey ants, or honey-gathering ants are among the many species of ants known as specialized workers whose sole job is to store the nectar of flowers and herbs in their bodies for as long as possible. That it does not become honey.

You may be surprised to know that brown to golden colored honey is not only made by honey bees, but by many other types of honey collecting and producing bees, including bumblebees and even bumblebees. Bumblebees also contribute to honey production.

But among the most unusual bees or insects that convert the juice of flowers and leaves into honey are honeypots or honey ants.

They belong to several species of ants, the most common of which is Camponotus inflatus, or Australian honey-producing ants. Can help the whole community if possible.

They store this food or stored honey in their stomachs until they are close to hatching, at which point they hang from their hives where the community consumes the honey when needed.

These types of ants are mostly found in dry and desert areas of Australia, America, Mexico and continental Africa.

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