Bad breath refers to a symptom of bad breath coming out of the mouth. It is not a disease itself. It is mostly caused by heat accumulation in the stomach,lungs and spleen or food accumulation. These things accumulate in the body for a long time and cannot be excreted. They become toxins and cause bad breath. . The normal opening of the esophageal muscular duct controlled by the autonomic nerve causes bad breath. Generally, bad breath is divided into simple bad breath and secondary bad breath. Secondary halitosis is mostly a mixed symptom caused by a certain disease. As long as the primary disease is treated, the bad breath will also improve. Perennial halitosis is more common in simple halitosis clinically, and there is no organic lesion in examination. The etiology of halitosis is more complicated, and it is closely related to oral health and systemic health. Once there is bad breath, it means that the body may be in a state of imbalance or suffering from a disease. Halitosis is very common in the crowd, and about 1/3 of the population in our country suffers from it. Don’t underestimate the small problem of bad breath, it makes people “difficult to talk about”, makes people afraid of close communication, even produces inferiority complex, hinders normal interpersonal communication and social activities, and has a great impact on life and work. more and more people’s attention.

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