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Reference News Network reported on November 28, according to a report by DPA Berlin on the 27th, considering the lack of equipment for the German army, an important German politician called on the German military industry to increase its production capacity.

The co-leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany, Lars Klingbeyer, said the misconception that “there is a large amount of weaponry available” must be dispelled.

Klingbaier told German TV on the evening of the 27th: “All these (weapons) must be produced.” He said that in recent years, the German military industry has increasingly cut production capacity.

Klingbeyer also said: “We obviously need to equip the German army quickly and effectively, and we must devote ourselves to this at full speed.” He emphasized that the German army must “quickly” purchase modern equipment.

The report noted that the German government recently set a goal to purchase 20 billion euros (about 20.8 billion U.S. dollars) of weapons and equipment, both to equip its own army and to transport them to Ukraine.

But the problem is that a large part of the German defense industry has shut down some weapons production lines in recent years due to a lack of orders. Discussions will focus on how the military industry can expand and accelerate production.

In February, German Chancellor Scholz announced a sharp increase in defense spending, aimed at boosting the country’s investment above a pledge of 2 percent of gross domestic product, as the Russia-Ukraine conflict forced Berlin to rethink its foreign policy.

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