protest in morocco

The “Atac Morocco” association said that the policies of the Makhzen regime have led to the impoverishment of the people and the country’s immersion in debt, calling for intensive participation in the national march, called for by the Moroccan Social Front, on Sunday, December 4th.

The association considered in a statement that “public policies are a powerful machine for grinding those at the bottom of the social ladder, applied by successive governments regardless of the parties forming this or that government, so the protest must be mainly against these policies.”

She called for intensive participation in the national march announced by the Moroccan Social Front, pointing out that the deteriorating living conditions of the Moroccan population pushes them to protest, pointing to the protests of teachers and neighborhood residents here and there over the absence of a school or hospital, and to the workers’ struggle dispersed to address the reality of misery.

The same association highlighted that “the decline in the quality of life and the standard of living is mainly due to the privatization of public services, the high cost of fuel and foodstuffs, and the spread of unemployment.”

For its part, the National Council of the Unionist Left called for intensive participation in the national march, in protest against high prices, poor economic management, the policy of impoverishing the people, silencing mouths, and exacerbating the effects of the relationship between money and power and Moroccan normalization with the Zionist entity.

For its part, the Association of Bar Associations in Morocco affirmed that the government should withdraw all tax developments contained in the finance bill, due to their total contradiction with fiscal justice.

Lawyers also expressed their rejection of the draft profession law, stressing that they would not participate in organizing the eligibility exam to enter the profession according to the conditions announced by the Ministry of Justice.

Regarding Moroccan normalization with the Zionist entity, the lawyers denounced all its forms, and expressed their support for the Palestinians and their readiness to plead in their favour, while announcing the creation of a professional body against normalization and the creation of a network to defend the Palestinian cause.

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