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A video is being shared on various platforms by Indian social media users in which a young man can be seen arguing with his teacher while standing in class.
The video was also shared by Indian journalist Rana Ayub on Instagram and wrote that a student is recording his protest against his teacher because he used the word ‘terrorist’ for Muslims in class.
In the viral video, the young student is seen saying, “This is not a joke.” Being a Muslim in this country and facing all this is not a joke at all.

After that, the teacher seen in the video also tried to apologize to the Muslim student and said that he (the student) is like his son.
On this, the student asked him, “Will you call him a terrorist?” Then how can you say that to me in front of all these people in the whole class?’
The student responded to the teacher’s apology and said, “Even if you apologize, your mind will not change.”
According to Hindustan Times, this viral video on social media is from a university in the Indian state of Karnataka. The Indian newspaper quoted sources as saying that the university teacher had spoken to the student even after the class and would apologize to him personally.

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