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Rishi Sonak British Prime Minister has said that the so-called ‘golden era’ of relations with China is over.
In his first foreign policy speech, Rishi Sonak said Britain’s strategy towards China needed to change and Beijing was “consciously using state power to exert global influence,” according to Reuters. is competing for.’

“It should be clear to we us that the so-called golden era with the simple idea that trade would lead to socio-political reforms is over,” Rishi Sonak said.
A few members of Rishi Sonak’s Conservative Party have criticized him.
Last year, as finance minister, he emphasized a strategy towards China on human rights concerns, along with expanding economic ties.
However, the scheduled meeting between Rishi Sonak British Prime Minister and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali this month was cancelled.
Last week, London banned
Rishi Sonak cited a statement by the British broadcaster BBC that one of its journalists had been assaulted by Chinese police.
“We recognize that China is a challenge to our values ​​and interests,” he said.

The British Prime Minister said that “Of course, we cannot ignore the importance of China in issues like global economic stability or climate change in international affairs.” America, Canada, Australia, Japan and many others also understand it.
According to Rishi Sonak, under his leadership Britain will not opt ​​for the ‘status quo’ and will confront international rivals with ‘strong pragmatism, not rhetoric’.
The British Prime Minister said with reference to Ukraine that the government will continue military assistance to Kiev next year while maintaining the support of former Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.
He said that there is no doubt that we will stand with Ukraine for as long as this war takes. We will maintain or increase our military assistance next year and we will provide new support for air defense.
Rishi Sonak further said that Britain needs to adopt the same long-term strategy as its adversaries and rivals Russia and China.

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