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The world’s largest active volcano ‘Mona Loa’ located in the American state of Hawaii has started to erupt after 40 years.

According to American media, lava from the volcano is flowing down from one side. The volcano currently poses no threat to the human population.

American media say that volcanic lava will continue to flow in the northeast rift zone. The eruption of the volcano continues to emit gases, due to which the citizens have been asked to be alert.

According to the US Geological Survey, ash has begun to accumulate on parts of the island, while several flights have been suspended due to the volcanic eruption.

According to the news agency, US authorities last month warned residents of the world’s largest volcanic island about the eruption of Mona Lava.

The Mauna Loa volcano on the Hawaiian Islands, 13,679 feet above the Pacific Ocean, last erupted in March and April 1984.

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