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An angry camel has disrupted the traffic system in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.
According to Al-Arabiya Net and Al-Akhbariya Channel, a camel was running in the direction of Riyadh Circular Road during busy hours while its owner was following behind in an attempt to stop it.

Due to the traffic on the highway, the owner found it difficult to hold the camel, but no major accident occurred.
In the video, it can be seen that the camel is angry and running in the opposite direction. A person is doing everything possible to stop and catch him.
The Riyadh Traffic Department has said in a statement that the angry camel was controlled with the support of the Wildlife Department.
The statement said, “This incident took place on Turki First Road when a camel fell from a vehicle, which damaged a vehicle.”
Users on social media have commented on it. A user said, “The real responsibility of this incident is the owner of the camel who failed to control it.”
Another user wrote, “It looks like the camel was being moved somewhere.” For some reason, the camel fell from the vehicle and the situation went out of control.

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