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On November 29, Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy stated on social media that Slovakia has provided Ukraine with a new batch of 30 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.
Slovakia said in a statement on the same day that as a replacement, according to a defense agreement signed between Slovakia and Germany in mid-November, Germany will hand over 15 Leopard-2A4 tanks to Slovakia, and the first one will arrive in December. Slovakia, the rest will be delivered at a rate of one or two vehicles per month until the agreement is fulfilled. In addition, Germany will provide spare parts and ammunition for the tanks and will be responsible for training Slovak soldiers in tank operations.

Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Slovakia has provided Ukraine with ammunition, S-300 air defense missile systems and five helicopters; Ukraine has purchased 8 self-propelled howitzers from the Slovak side; The 16 self-propelled howitzers produced in Slovakia are expected to be gradually delivered to Ukraine starting in 2023.

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