US anti-missile system

Overseas Network, December 1, Moon Hong-sik, Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense of South Korea, stated at a regular press conference that the government reiterated its position that it has no any intention of joining the US missile defense system.

Wen Hongzhi said that after the South Korean government first stated that it would not participate more than 20 years ago, it has always maintained this position no matter how the government changes.

Wen Hongzhi also said that the South Korean military has independently built a Korean-type missile defense system, and based on South Korea-US interoperability, launched joint missile defense operations on the Korean Peninsula to deal with ballistic missile threats. He said that if South Korea really wants to join the U.S. missile defense system, it needs to use the same system or jointly develop weapons with the U.S. military like NATO. However, South Korea has not taken similar measures and only launched defensive operations based on the interoperability of shared information.

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