China sell weapons

According to the US Department of Defense report, China is the world’s fifth largest supplier of military weapons, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

A report by the US Department of Defense on China’s security and military ambitions has raised concerns that a global Chinese logistics network could disrupt US military operations.

The report has expressed concern on the part of the US that China is increasing its influence with projects like the Belt and Road Initiative.

According to the report, China considers Pakistan as a long-standing strategic partner, apart from other countries, there is a possibility of China’s logistics infrastructure in Pakistan.

According to the released US report, China has the intention and increasing ability to change the world order, China is using its army for this purpose.

The American report claims that after the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, China made efforts to eliminate the influence of the United States and allied countries.

In the released American report, it is said that in the last 5 years, China has strengthened its relations with Pakistan and Russia.

The US report further states that China wants to expand military power across borders and expand military logistics and base infrastructure to foreign countries.

In the report released by the US, it has also been said that BRI is being used for economic exploitation.

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