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In the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Brazil and Switzerland have reached the pre-quarterfinals, while Uruguay, included in the second group, has been eliminated from the event and South Korea has reached the quarterfinals.
Group G and H matches were played on Friday.
Group G pitted Brazil against Cameroon and Switzerland against Serbia.

Cameroon defeated the event’s favorites Brazil 1-0 while Switzerland beat Serbia 3-2.
Based on the points at the end of the group matches, the Brazilian team reached the next stage while the Swiss team also managed to get six points.
Similarly, Ghana and Uruguay face each other in a Group H match at the Janub Stadium on Friday.
In this, Uruguay beat Ghana but were still eliminated from the event as the decision was based on performance and points.
In this match, it was necessary for both the teams to perform better to get the lead over South Korea on the points table, but Uruguay failed to do so.
Similarly, South Korea beat Portugal in the second match.
South Korean player Kim Yong-gwan scored the first goal in the 26th minute of the match and Hwang Chen scored the second goal after extra time.
Portugal had won their opening two matches, but South Korea defeated them 2-1 to deny Uruguay a place in the quarter-finals.
At the moment, the Portuguese team has six points and is at the top of the points table.

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