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The 44th Fighting Brigade of the Tripoli Military Region announced, on Friday evening, that a convoy of trucks carrying fuel had been targeted with guided missiles that were being smuggled out of the country near the Libyan border.

The 44th Brigade said in a statement on Facebook that this took place “after a direct clash with the smuggling gangs” by “a special detachment of the Libyan army.”

While the statement did not clarify the location of the operation, it said, “These intensive operations come to deter criminal gangs that trade in the Libyan people’s food and do not pay attention to the extent of the suffering that many regions of the south have been suffering from for a long time due to the lack of fuel.”

The 44th Fighting Brigade also confirmed that its operations aimed at cutting smuggling lines, demolishing crime sites, and tamping strongholds of criminals and outlaws, “are continuing, despite the extent of the suffering that the brigade is going through due to a significant shortage of the necessary capabilities of supplies and daily needs.”

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