world's oldest living tortoise

Jonathan, the world’s oldest living tortoise, has turned 190 years old.
According to the French news agency AFP, this year Guinness World Records declared it the longest-lived animal on earth, and this month it has also been declared the world’s oldest turtle.
The tortoise was born in 1832, shortly after the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, and its age is estimated from its shell.

Jonathan is living in luxury at the governor’s residence in St. Helena where his birthday is being celebrated. On Sunday, a special cake made of carrots, cucumbers, apples and pears will be cut for him.
Joe Hollins, who is in charge of protecting the turtle, said that while it was happening, the First and Second World Wars took place, the rise and fall of the British Empire, the era of many governors, kings and queens passed. It is quite unusual.
‘It’s still there and enjoying its life.’
St. Helena officials hope he will live for several more years, but say that after he dies, his shell will be preserved for future generations to see.

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