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Iran’s state news agency reported that authorities have executed four people accused of spying for Israel.
Arab News, citing the Iranian official news agency IRNA, said that these four people were accused of working for Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad.

The execution order was carried out on Sunday.
According to Iran’s official news agency “Irna”, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has also announced the capture of a group linked to the Israeli intelligence agency.
The Revolutionary Guards say that the members of this group, which damaged government and private property and kidnapped citizens, have been investigated.
The report also states that these alleged spies were armed and used to receive payments from the Israeli intelligence agency in the form of cryptocurrency.
According to ‘Irna’, the names of the persons who were hanged are Hussain and Dukhanzada, Shaheen Emami Mahmoodabadi, Milad Ashrafi and Manoushhar Shahbandi.

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