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Thus, the cheetah is known as the fastest animal in the world, but its running speed does not even come close to that of the falcon, because when the falcon flies in the air using its broad wings, its speed is undoubtedly 300 More than km per hour.

The falcon, which nests on mountains and coastal cliffs, is considered the fastest and most agile animal on the planet, due to its unparalleled speed.

Its unique aerial dive is so spectacular that it averages a speed of 320 kilometers per hour.

However, the highest speed ever estimated for these mountain and coastal sugars is 389 km or 242 mph.

This speed proves them to be faster than most commercially available cars.

According to experts, this free-ranging, wild or perched falcon usually has a speed of 40 to 55 km/h when it starts flying, but this speed increases when it dives in pursuit of prey. It reaches 112 km.

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