march in Rabat

Sunday morning, the city of Rabat witnessed the launch of the long-programmed protest march against high prices and repression, with the participation of thousands of citizens, and several political, trade union and human rights bodies, to condemn the exacerbation of the high prices of fuel and basic materials to the extent that made two-thirds of the Moroccan people slip into the maze of poverty.

The protest march called for by the Moroccan Social Front, under the slogan “All against high prices, oppression and oppression”, started from Bab Al-Ahad Square in Rabat, demanding an end to muzzling mouths and targeting trade union and political freedoms, and stopping the skyrocketing price of fuel and basic materials.

Participants in this national march denounced the high prices, which have reached unprecedented levels, which have exhausted the purchasing power of citizens, holding them responsible for antisocial policies that have deepened poverty and fragility in exchange for continuing to enrich a group that subsists on the misery of millions of poor families.

During the march, the citizens expressed the great oppression they are experiencing in front of the skyrocketing prices of various basic materials and the worsening of their economic and social conditions due to the widening of poverty and unemployment.
Among the slogans raised by the march were: “How do you live, poor man, and life has turned into misdemeanours?”, “The fuel you liberated, and the prices you boiled over,” “My country is peasant, and greenery is dear to me,” and “Freedom, dignity, social justice.”

In the midst of a large trade union presence, the participants in the march, which headed towards Parliament, criticized the freezing of wages and non-increases, the refusal of the warehouse government to scale wages, and the continuation of austerity in the budgets allocated to public services, job positions, social programs, and public investment.

In addition to denouncing the high price that oppressed Moroccans, in light of the government’s silence, the protest march was known for raising slogans demanding the immediate freedom of political detainees, journalists and activists who are prisoners of conscience. Al-Din Al-Awaj and others.

The demonstrators denounced the increase in political arrests in Morocco and the filling of prisons with activists for expressing their opinions, and demanded an end to the policy of silencing mouths and prosecuting activists and journalists. They also denounced the restriction of trade union freedoms, the arrest of activists, and the suppression of social protests of various groups and all Moroccan regions.

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