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A citizen hanged himself after buying 300 iPhones from an Apple store located on Fifth Avenue in New York.

According to a media report, a person bought 300 iPhones from an Apple store and left after putting them in branded bags.

Before reaching his parked car, he stole 125 iPhones worth $95,000.

According to the New York Police Department, the 27-year-old regularly buys large numbers of iPhones from the same store, which he later sells through his small business.

The youth was going to his car when a car stopped behind him, two accused got out of the car and asked him to hand over the phone.

When the youth refused, the accused tried to snatch the bags from him, during which they punched the youth and fled after snatching a bag full of iPhones.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is open 24 hours and was having a Black Friday sale.

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