Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump suffered another blow, the allegations of tax fraud against the Trump Organization were proved.

According to one foreign news agency report, a 12-member New York jury has given its verdict after a 6-week trial.

As news agency, Donald Trump did not present at the jury hearing.

According to prosecutors, Donald Trump was fully aware of a 15-year tax evasion scheme, giving company executives off-the-record incentives to pay low salaries.

Prosecutors say the lower salary payments reduced the company’s tax liabilities.

According to the news agency, Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Alan Wesselberg has already made the deal.

According to foreign media, senior employees of the former president’s company did not pay taxes on Manhattan apartments and luxury cars.

According to reports, two corporate entities of the Trump Organization have been indicted on 17 counts of fraud, while Donald Trump was not part of the case.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg says that justice is equal for all in Manhattan.

According to the news agency, the Trump Organization will face a fine of 16 million dollars for the fraud.

On the other hand, Trump Organization’s lawyer has announced to appeal against the jury’s decision.

Former US President Trump called the case against the organization political.

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