Stray Dogs

Police in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have registered a case against a panchayat head and her husband after the bodies of 30 stray dogs were found in a village.
According to India Today, the incident took place in Sankaralingapuram village of Varidhu Nagar. C Sunitha, a social activist working for animal rights, came to know about the death of the dogs.
She contacted Naga Lakshmi, head of the village panchayat, but the phone was picked up by her husband, who said he was the panchayat president.

He admitted that these dogs were killed by the village boys because the dogs were mad and were causing trouble to the villagers. He said that school children and others were constantly facing problems because of them.
The social worker applied to the Amtur police station that many dogs were killed and buried. On investigation, the police found that around 30 dogs were killed and buried outside the village on Saturday.
The dogs were allegedly caught with iron wires and then beaten to death.
The police have registered a case against the panchayat head and her husband.

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