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German police have launched a nationwide raid against a far-right group suspected of planning an attack on parliament.
The AFP news agency quoted federal prosecutors as saying that the series of raids began on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, raids were conducted at more than 130 locations across the country in which more than 3,000 police personnel, including elite anti-terror units, participated.
German media say it is one of the biggest police operations in German history.
Federal prosecutors said in a statement that the raids targeted members of the ‘Citizens of the Reich’ (Reichsbourgeo) movement, who are suspected of having ‘violently infiltrated the German parliament through a small armed group’. had planned to enter.’
According to the statement, those arrested are accused of “forming a terrorist group in November 2021 with the goal of taking over Germany’s current government system and imposing a system of their own in its place.”

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Among the 25 people arrested in these operations are two from Australia and Italy.
The ‘Reichsbourgeo’ movement includes neo-Nazis, ideologues and gun enthusiasts who reject the modern German republic.
The movement has grown in intensity in recent years and is seen as a growing security threat.


Federal prosecutors believe the terrorist group includes ex-servicemen.
“These people are united in their strong rejection of state institutions and the free and democratic system of the German Republic.”
These suspects believe that their plan “can only come to fruition if they use military and violent means against the state.”
German Law Minister Marco Buschmann praised the action against the ‘suspected terrorist cell’ and said, “It shows that Germany is capable of defending its democracy.”
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