US State Department spokesman Ned Price

The US State Department says that the Taliban in Afghanistan had assured that they would not allow their country to become a haven for international terrorist groups.
During a press briefing in Washington on Thursday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said in response to a question about the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan, “One of the many assurances given to us was that Afghanistan It will not be allowed to once again become a haven for international terrorists, nor will it be allowed to become a launch pad for attacks on other countries.
Ned Price further said that ‘Our aim is to ensure that terrorists do not use Afghanistan as a launch pad to launch attacks on Pakistan.’

The spokesperson of the US State Department made it clear that the US does not only need the Taliban in Afghanistan to prevent terrorism.
Ned Price, referring to the death of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the former leader of al-Qaeda in Kabul, in an American drone strike, added, “As far as preventing terrorism in the region is concerned, due to the current capabilities we have, we can only target the Taliban.” Not in need of.
The spokesperson of the US State Department said while talking about the banned Tehreek-e-Pakistan (TTP) and other armed groups, “We will do everything we can to prevent the threat of terrorism together with our allies in the region, including Pakistan.” .’
It should be noted that the recently outlawed TTP has claimed responsibility for several attacks on security forces in most parts of Pakistan.
A statement was issued by the TTP’s defense minister on November 28 announcing the end of the ceasefire with Pakistan and threatening further attacks.
Two days after the declaration was issued, a police vehicle was bombed in Quetta, killing 2 people and injuring 25.
After that, three policemen were also killed in the attack in Nowshera on December 4. TTP also claimed responsibility for these two attacks.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Adviser on Interior Babar Saleem Swati said in a statement that more than one hundred policemen have been killed in the last 10 months.
He said that in the last 11 months, 607 terrorists were arrested while 155 wanted terrorists were killed in police encounters.
It should be noted that there have been two meetings of the negotiations between the TTP and the Government of Pakistan so far, in which Barrister Saif participated as a representative on behalf of the Federation.

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