North Stream explosion

At the end of September, a north Stream explosion and leakage occurred in the “Beixi” pipeline. That transports natural gas from Russia to European countries. Subsequently, Sweden, Denmark and Germany launched investigations into the sabotage incident. Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Sweden and Denmark refused to allow Russia to participate in the investigation of the explosion and leakage of the “Beixi” pipeline.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said on the 8th. That Denmark and Sweden dare not allow Russia to participate in the investigation of North Stream explosion. The cause of the “Beixi” natural gas pipeline leak. Because the whole world will know who is responsible for the explosion.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin had stated that the “North Stream” natural gas pipeline leakage incident needs to be investigated transparently with the participation of relevant Russian agencies.

Sweden and Denmark. All parties generally believed that this incident was “intentional sabotage.” Swedish prosecutors said in November that investigators found traces of explosives at the site of the damaged part of the “North Stream” pipeline, which confirmed that the “North Stream” pipeline was deliberately sabotaged. Russia welcomes progress by Swedish prosecutors and calls for continued investigation to find out who was behind it

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