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On Thursday, the Russian army shelled the entire front line of the city of Donetsk in the eastern region of Ukraine, after which the fighting in the adjacent areas has also intensified.
British news agency Reuters says that Ukrainian military officials have accused Russia of targeting civilian residences and private property.
According to the authorities, “a child was killed in the town of Toresk by shelling, while 12 buildings were damaged.”

He further said that the entire front line of Donetsk has been targeted and the Russian troops in the Lyman area are trying to advance further.
This is the same area that the Ukrainian army took back from Russian troops in November.
After Russia’s attack on neighboring Ukraine, the Russian army has had to retreat from many places.
Reuters, citing its correspondent as an eyewitness, said that the Ukrainian army responded to the Russian attacks with rocket launchers in Donetsk, near Bakhmut and Luhansk provinces.
Governor Ole Senibov said in a statement via the Telegram app that the Ukrainian army shot down several missiles fired by Russia on the way.
Keep in mind that a day ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the dangers of nuclear war in Ukraine are increasing. On the other hand, the United States condemned this statement and termed it as ‘loose talk’.

Russian President Putin
Russian President Putin

Footage aired on Russian state television on Wednesday showed the Russian president with his government colleagues saying “this (war) could be very long.”
The war has been ongoing since February 24, when Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine, during which Russia captured several important cities and annexed some regions by referendum, which has been heavily criticized by Western countries. Made.

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