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This year, a 30% increase has been seen in the murder of journalists around the world compared to last year.
According to the Associated Press news agency, a report released on Friday said that in the year 2022, 67 journalists around the world were killed while at work.

According to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), this number was 47 last year.
According to the report of the Brussels-based International Federation, incidents of violence against journalists have increased due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the insurgency in Haiti and the actions of criminal groups in Mexico.
The report states that currently there are 375 journalists under arrest in the world, of which the largest number are journalists arrested in China.
A large number of journalists are also under detention in Myanmar and Turkey.
During the last year, 365 journalists were arrested for carrying out their professional affairs.
In view of the increase in violence against people associated with the media, the International Federation of Journalists has called on governments to take measures to protect journalists and press freedom.
IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellinger said in a statement that a failure to protect journalists ‘will only embolden those who want to block the free flow of information and the ability of citizens to hold their leaders accountable. want to weaken.’
According to the statement, governments must ensure that those with power and influence do not stand in the way of open and inclusive societies.
According to the IFJ report, the highest number of journalists killed in Ukraine this year is 12.

Most of them were from Ukraine, but there were also journalists of other nationalities, such as American documentary filmmaker Brent Renard, who was also killed during the war.
Most of the killings of journalists in Ukraine occurred in the early days of the war, but threats to journalists continued as the war dragged on.
According to IFJ, five journalists were killed in Pakistan this year. The group has warned of increasing threats to journalists in Colombia.

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