Joe Biden

According to Reuters news, Judd de Vermont, senior director of African affairs at the White House National Security Council, said on the 9th local time that US President Biden will announce next week that the United States supports the African Union to join the G20. Group (G20).

According to the report, De Vermont said on the 9th that Biden will make the announcement during the US-African leaders summit in Washington next week, when Biden will meet with African leaders.

According to Reuters, the US “Washington Post” first reported the news. De Vermont said that the US move was at the request of the current rotating chairman of the African Union, Senegalese President Macky Sall and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. made.

The G20 brings together major developed economies and emerging market economies, and South Africa is the only African country among them. The African Union was formed in 2002 and consists of 55 member states. According to previous reports, on December 8 local time in South Africa, a South African think tank published a report criticizing the US policy towards Africa. The report mentioned that the core appeal of the U.S. diplomatic strategy toward Africa is to allow African countries to choose sides in terms of international security, international structure, and major power competition. Successive U.S. administrations have never taken practical measures to help Africa cope with development challenges, and have never addressed root-rooted issues such as politics and security that Africa has been facing for a long time. Although the Biden administration’s attitude towards Africa is more positive than Trump’s, the US policy toward Africa fundamentally serves the US’s own interests.

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