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There are many ways to promote a site, and the use of each of them depends on the chosen strategy. The main difference is the speed, time to get the result and the durability of their work. The most effective approach is an integrated approach that includes all search engine optimization tools, but we will talk about this a little later. Let’s consider each promotion method separately, and focus on additional channels that allow you to increase the return on resources.

These are some popular types of promotion

Promotion in social networks

SMM or promotion through social networks allows you to increase the subscription base and increase traffic to the site being promoted. The main advantages of SMM: direct communication and feedback with the target audience, the ability to achieve results even with a limited budget. The most popular promotion methods using SMM are targeting and advertising in groups or communities.

Website promotion in search engines

The portal is the most popular way of advertising on the Internet. Search engine promotion is a set of measures to attract targeted visitors using search engines. This is the most profitable form of advertising on the Internet today. Statistics show that about 80 percent of users come to the project through search engines.

Advertising in groups and communities

Buying ads from bloggers in thematic communities is a fairly quick way to attract large amounts of traffic. When choosing this promotion method, you need to determine a media person or public that reflects the interests of your customers, which is as similar as possible to the image of your contingent. The cost, as well as the effectiveness of promotion, directly depends on the activity and reputation of the blogger, as well as on the size of the subscriber base.


Search engine optimization is considered the most effective way of long-term project development. When displaying pages in the TOP of search results, the resource receives constant traffic, increases brand awareness, and increases sales. Everything consists in the complex development of a web project and website promotion by ranking key queries in search engines.

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