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China is expanding the capacity of hospitals and intensive care wards across the country after a surge in coronavirus cases.
According to the American news agency AP, last week, Beijing relaxed the rules and regulations to control cases of the corona virus. Not only were millions of citizens confined to their homes due to strict rules and regulations, but it also led to protests.

It is not clear how much the number of coronavirus cases has increased since the end of mandatory testing last week. but according to interviews with locals and social media, outbreaks have occurred in business centers and schools across the country.
Several restaurants and businesses have also closed due to employees falling ill.
A coronavirus testing center in Beijing’s Ranfeng shushing has been shut down after its employees contracted the virus.
The local government has asked its social media accounts to ‘show restraint’.
On Sunday, 10,815 cases were reported, including 8,477 asymptomatic cases.
Yun Chenfu, an official of the Shaanxi Province Health Department, was quoted by The Paper as saying that a 22,000-bed hospital for coronavirus patients has been established in the province and intensive care wards will also be increased.

Coronavirus situation in China
Coronavirus situation in China

Yun Chenfu says that cities are upgrading hospitals for severely affected patients of Corona.
Epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, speaking to the official media, has said that millions of citizens in major cities have been affected by the corona virus.
They say that the omicron type of corona virus is spreading rapidly and one infected person can infect 18 other people.

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