ceremony in Norway

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was held in Norway. In which human rights activists from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia received the Nobel prize.

Nobel Prize laureate Mr. Yan Rachinsky, head of Russia’s human rights organization, criticized Russian President Putin.

Yan Rachinsky calls Putin’s war in Ukraine criminal and insane.

After two years of Coronavirus restrictions, the Nobel Prize ceremony took place today in Sweden and Norway.

Separate events are being held in two places Stockholm and Oslo.

Nobel laureates in 2020 and 2021 will also attend the Stockholm ceremony.

In these two years, the Nobel Prize ceremony could not be held due to the corona virus, but the medals were sent to the awardees at their homes addresses.

Awards in the fields of chemistry, economics, medicine, physics and literature are given at the ceremony held in Stockholm, while the Nobel Prize is awarded in Oslo.

It should be noted that the Nobel Prize was established by Alfred Nobel to recognize those who have made valuable services in the fields of science, literature and peace.

Before his death, Alfred Nobel left a bequest of $174.2 million to endow prizes and awards to laureates.

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