detention center

Overseas Network, December 13. According to Japan’s “Mainichi Shimbun” report on the 13th, recently, an unemployed man who was detained by the police in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan died in the detention center. It was revealed that he had been beaten by several policemen before his death. Violence.

Relevant sources said that camera footage in the detention center showed several officers from the Okazaki Police Station in Aichi Prefecture beating the man who was lying on the ground. The man was then transferred to a protection room and tied up with handcuffs, ropes and other devices. The man had been detained for more than 100 hours and the normal procedure for extending his detention was not in place. Japan’s Criminal Containment Facility Law stipulates that the detention time of a suspect in a detention facility is within 72 hours, and special procedures must be handled for each extension of 48 hours.

It has been found out that the cause of death of the dead man was renal insufficiency. He had been tied up for a long time, suffered from underlying diseases, and was not provided with drugs. In order to prevent suspects from harming themselves, the Japanese Criminal Containment Facility Law allows the police to use devices that restrict personal freedom, but does not stipulate the use time of arresting ropes and handcuffs

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