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After the murder incident in India, another case of dismemberment of the dead body has come to light.

According to Indian media, a young man in the state of Karnataka allegedly killed his father, dismembered his body into 32 pieces, and threw it into a well.

Indian police say that the 20-year-old accused has been arrested and sent to jail in judicial custody. The accused killed his 53-year-old father with an iron rod in a fit of rage on December 6.

According to reports, the accused had thrown the pieces of the father’s body into a well in his own field.

Horrific incidents of murder in India

Earlier last month in the Indian capital New Delhi, a man killed his girlfriend Shraddha and cut her body into 35 pieces and kept it in a refrigerator.

The accused threw the pieces of Shraddha’s body at different places over 18 days.

Apart from this, another incident of murder and dismemberment of the body also came to light in Delhi in November itself.

According to Indian media, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police said that they have arrested a woman who, with the help of her son, killed her stepfather and dismembered the body and kept it in the refrigerator.

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