IMF representative Easter Perez

The IMF termed the Ninth Review discussions with Pakistan as constructive so far.

During a special conversation with ‘Jeo News’, International Monetary Fund (IMF) representative Esther Perez said that there was a discussion on the reassessment of the economic outlook from Pakistan.

Easter-Perez says positive talks are going on with Pakistan for a review.

She says that Pakistan’s economic outlook is being reassessed after the floods. Pakistan will have to reassess various economic figures.

Esther Perez said that Pakistan will also have to reassess the targets for fiscal discipline and deficit control, and revise the dollar exchange rate policy.

She said that Pakistan has to complete various targets for the 7th and 8th review, implementation of the goals set in the 7th and 8th review on energy reforms.

IMF representative Esther Perez said that they want to continue the talks with Pakistan.

She said that the Pakistani flood victims were aware of the humanitarian needs.

Esther Peres further said that there have been discussions on policies for the relief of flood victims from Pakistan.

He also says that Pakistan will have to consider financing for internal and external payments.

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