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Foot fracture is one of the very common fracture diseases. Fractures usually occur in middle-aged and older people. Patients suffering from this disease not only suffer from certain diseases, but also have a lot of troubles in life. Therefore, patients with broken feet look forward to a quick recovery. After a foot fracture, in addition to surgical treatment, some adjuvant treatment can also be done in terms of diet.

What to eat for a broken foot to heal quickly?

The injured part has blood accumulation and swelling, and blood are blocked, and blood gas is obstructed. The treatment in this period is mainly to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis , regulate qi and subside. Chinese medicine believes that if the stasis cannot be removed, the bone will not be able to grow, and new bone will grow. It can be seen that reducing swelling and dissipating blood stasis is the main reason for fracture healing. The dietary standard is mainly light taste, such as vegetables , eggs , beans, fruits , fish head soup, lean juice, etc. Spicy, irritable, and greasy are prohibited, especially greasy health care products should not be given too early. For example, big bone soup, boiled chicken, stewed water fish, otherwise blood will accumulate and food stagnation will not subside, which will slow down the bone callus and affect the future repair of joints.

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Most of the accumulated blood is digested and absorbed, and in the middle and later stages of fracture recovery, the treatment is appropriate, mainly to relieve pain, remove stasis and regenerate, and focus on bone renewal. The diet has changed from a light taste to a moderate high-nutrient supplement to consider the needs of the growth and development of the scab, supplementing vitamin D, D, calcium and protein.

Fracture bruises are basically digested and absorbed, and bone callus has been formed. Treatment should be supplemented appropriately. According to kidney and blood quality, it can promote the generation of strong bone callus, relax tendon, promote blood circulation, and make adjacent joints exercise randomly to restore the past effect.

Diet combination only cooperates with each other in treatment, mastering the standards of light taste in the early stage of fracture, mid-late stage, and food supplement in the middle stage, and choosing appropriate ingredients will have a positive effect on promoting fracture healing

Efficient energy, high-protein diet: it is beneficial to restore physical strength. But it should be taken 2 weeks after the fracture. Eat light food in the early stagese of fracture.
Vitamin D: After the fracture, if you have been recuperating in the room and cannot bask in the sun, it is easy to cause vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, after a fracture, eat more foods containing vitamin A (such fish,, liver,, egg yolk,, etc),, get as much sun as possible.
Water: Constipation can easily be caused after a fracture, because of sitting still for a long time. At this time, drink plenty of water to ensure smooth stomach.
Vitamin C: Fresh fruits containing vitamin C include hawthorn fruit, fresh red dates, kiwi fruit, strawberry seedlings, dried longan, litchi, citrus, etc. Vegetables and fruits include alfalfa (grass head), hot pepper, green pepper, rapeseed, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts (soup), eggplant, watercress, broccoli, etc.

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