31 people died

In the Indian state of Bihar, 31 people have died and 20 have been admitted to hospital in a critical condition after allegedly drinking poisoned liquor.
According to the American news agency Associated Press, the state chief minister says that alcohol-related deaths occurred in three villages of Bihar’s Saran district on Tuesday and Wednesday.
According to officials, the manufacture, sale and consumption of liquor is prohibited in Bihar.

According to Dr. SD Sinha, head of the district government hospital, the deaths occurred at his hospital where the relatives of the victims brought them for treatment.
The sale and consumption of alcohol was banned in Bihar state in 2016 after women’s organizations campaigned against the sale and consumption of alcohol because low-income people were wasting a large portion of their income on alcohol.
Police officer Santosh Kumar said that the condition of most of the 20 victims admitted to the hospital is critical.
Several opposition parties, including the Bharatiya Janata Party, staged a demonstration outside the state assembly demanding the lifting of the liquor ban. He said that financial assistance should be provided to affected families.
BJP leader Sushil Modi says that since six years ago, when liquor was banned, 1,000 people have died from drinking poisonous liquor.

chief minister of bihar
chief minister of bihar

Bihar Chief Minister and Janata Dal Party leader Nitish Kumar rejected the opposition’s demand and said that the ban on liquor was not imposed on my wish but it was imposed on the call of the women of the state.
According to the Chief Minister, three persons have been arrested for investigation for allegedly selling poisoned liquor in the said area.
In India, the deaths of citizens due to consumption of country liquor is a common occurrence. Illicit alcohol is less expensive because it is often laced with chemicals, including pesticides, to increase its effectiveness.
Illicit liquor has become a lucrative industry in India as distillers pay no taxes and sell large quantities of liquor to the poor at low prices.
Earlier this year, 28 people died and more than 60 fell ill in the western state of Gujarat after drinking contaminated liquor. Gujarat is the second state in India where the manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol is banned.
In 2020, 120 people died from drinking poisoned liquor in the northern Indian state of Punjab.

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