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Iran has accused the US of planning to revoke its membership in the UN Commission on Women.
According to the French news agency AFP, the United Nations on Wednesday revoked Iran’s membership of the Commission on Women in response to the protests that began after the death of Mehsa Amini.

Iran has blamed the United States, saying that this move is the result of its “joint efforts of the enemy for which it has no legal justification.”
Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasir Kanani, says that the unilateral action of the United States is an attempt to impose political demands and ignore the electoral process in international institutions.
He further said that the removal of the legal members of the commission is against political realities, which is a disgrace to this international organization.
The head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, Kazem Gharibabadi, said that the US’ purpose in presenting the resolution is to protect its interests.
He wrote in one of his tweets that the US only pursues its inhumane and anti-human rights interests and objectives by issuing false and hypocritical statements and comments against Iran.

Protest in Iran
Protest in Iran

In the text of the UN resolution, it was said that the Iranian authorities are constantly suppressing the human rights of women and girls, including the right to freedom of expression.
On Wednesday, the 45-member United Nations Economic and Social Council approved the resolution.
29 members of the council voted in favor of the resolution, eight against it while 16 member states abstained from voting.
After the agreement was approved, Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said that Iran’s membership is a stain on the credibility of the commission.
Iran has been a member of the United Nations Commission on Women since 2022, with a term that was supposed to end in 2026, but after the ratification of the treaty, Iran is no longer a member.
Protests continue in Iran after the death of Iranian Kurdish woman Mehsa Amini in the custody of the moral police.

Protest in Iran
Protest in Iran

During these protests, hundreds of people were killed and thousands arrested by the Iranian government, which was condemned at the international level.
Iran had said on December 3 that “more than 200 people, including security personnel, have been killed during the unrest.”
Human rights organizations say that the country’s security forces have killed more than 450 people.
Iran has sentenced 11 people to death in connection with the protests and carried out two executions in the past week.

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