Bollywood actresses

Actors are often speculated about how they stay so tip-top all the time. Well, to look beautiful, they have a whole team of stylists who take care of everything from clothes to make-up.
But despite all this, one question definitely comes to mind. Especially about actresses, how can their skin and hair remain so good despite using so many chemical-rich products.
Exercise is a part of every actor’s life routine, but few actresses also use some special tips to look fresh.

The website ‘Bollywood Life’, which tracks the lives of Bollywood actors. Has mentioned some such household tips which are a part of the lives of some actresses.
Like Anushka Sharma applies rose water on her skin and also uses neem leaves. She mixes neem powder with curd, rose water and milk and applies it on her face.
Beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is said to also like to use natural ingredients. Her skin like mixing gram flour, honey and curd.
Aishwarya Rai also makes a cucumber paste and applies it to the face to keep it fresh.
Actress Jacqueline Fernandez takes special care of her diet to keep herself fit. She starts her day with lemon water and fruits while she also likes to wash her face with ice water.
Bollywood’s ‘bebo’ Kareena Kapoor uses honey on her face and also applies almond oil for best results while regularly doing yoga apart from exercise.
Bollywood’s new ‘mommy’ Alia Bhatt, like some other actresses, likes to use dry neem leaf powder, but she also adds a little turmeric to it. Rather, they also use the age-old tip of Multani clay on the skin.
Actress Sonokashi Sinha’s diet plan is also a topic of discussion as to how she managed to lose 30 kg. According to Sonakshi Sinha, she completely stopped eating foods that contained starch or artificial sweeteners.
But apart from this, Sonokashi Sinha also applies aloe Vera gel on her skin regularly.

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