A stampede during a concert in London

Three people have been seriously injured after a stampede broke out during a concert by a popular Nigerian singer in the UK.
According to the French news agency AFP, the Metropolitan Police said rescue teams were called to the O2 Academy in Brixton on Thursday after reports that “a large number of people were trying to force their way into the venue.”

Speaking outside the venue, Chief Superintendent Colin Wingroe told reporters that “staff provided medical aid and CPR to save people’s lives.”
Eight people were taken to hospital by ambulance, while those with minor injuries were treated at the scene.
The police have said that the condition of the three injured, aged 21, 23 and 33, is critical.
“We are investigating the events that led up to last night’s incident,” said Colin Wingroe.
He added that the investigation led by crime detection officers is on and the officers have cordoned off the place while surveying the crime scene.
In video clips posted on social media, a crowd could be seen storming the gates of the O2 Academy, while some agitators were also seen scuffling with each other.
Three thousand people tried to enter by breaking down the doors, some of whom succeeded, after which the police ordered the show to be stopped.
It is not yet clear who was involved in the clashes, but Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove confirmed that an officer’s conduct at the scene was being investigated.

Nigerian Afrobeat singer Aske
Nigerian Afrobeat singer Aske

Police later said the matter had been reviewed by a police watchdog, the Directorate of Professional Standards, and found “no evidence of inappropriate behavior” by the police officer.
Police added that a woman at the concert was arrested after assaulting an officer.
Nigerian Afrobeat singer Aske wrote in an Instagram post that he has yet to have “the full details from the venue management as to what caused this (concert) disruption.”
“But we are thankful that all was peaceful in the end,” he wrote, apologizing to attendees for cutting the concert short.
“My sympathies go out to those who were injured last night and suffered any kind of pain,” he said.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that his sympathies are with all those affected by the terrible incident. “I will not rest until we get the answers we need to give to their (the victims’) loved ones and the local community.”

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