Giant aquarium collapses in Germany

1 million liters of water and thousands of rare fish spilled onto the streets after a giant aquarium collapsed in Berlin, Germany.
According to the news agency Reuters, the incident took place in Mitte district, after which people reported to the emergency number.

According to the report, after the information, a large number of rescue workers reached the spot.
The aquarium is said to have been called the ‘Aquadome’ and was in an entertainment complex at the Radisson Hotel.
Apart from the museum, there was also an aquarium in which there were strange and rare species of fish, which people came from far and wide to see.
The glass aquarium was said to be the largest aquarium in the world, circular in shape and vertically oriented, with a height of 64 feet.
Sandra Visser, a woman who was in the hotel at the time of the incident, told Reuters that she “suddenly heard the sound of the aquarium breaking, then saw only destruction, debris and dead fish.”

Internet Photo
Internet Photo

The spokesman for Union Investment says that about one and a half thousand fish in the aquarium have died.
He said that efforts are being made to save the remaining fish by putting them in other water tanks located inside the building. but they are facing severe difficulties because the building’s electricity has been cut off after the accident.
A spokesman for the fire department told Reuters that it was not yet clear why and how the aquarium collapsed.

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