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South Korean Foreign Ministry officials stated on the 16th that Japan has “counterattack capabilities” in its security documents, saying that Japan’s exercise of “counterattack capabilities” on the Korean Peninsula may seriously affect the security of the peninsula and the interests of South Korea. , the Japanese government must coordinate and communicate with the South Korean side in advance and obtain the consent of the South Korean side.

A number of Japanese media previously reported that the country’s two ruling parties, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party, held a consultation working group meeting on the 12th and reached an agreement on the revision plan of the three documents including the National Security Strategy. Japanese media revealed that in the new document, it is written that Japan will have the “counterattack capability” to attack missile launch bases of enemy countries, and increase defense expenses.

According to Yonhap News Agency, South Korean Foreign Ministry officials stated on the 16th that this is the first time that the Japanese government has clearly written its “counterattack capability” into a document. but the premise is that it does not deviate from the Japanese Constitution and relevant international laws and adheres to the principle of “exclusive defense”.

The report went on to say that some analysts believe that the premise of Japan’s “counterattack capability” is the deployment of offensive weapons such as long-range missiles, which violates the exclusive defense principle of Japan’s pacifist constitution. In this regard, the South Korean government repeatedly referred to “noting” the content of the document, that “the ability to counterattack will only be exercised when the relevant principles are met, and the position of sticking to the exclusive defense policy remains unchanged.” Some analysts believe that this can be seen as the South Korean government tactfully urging Japan’s defense policy not to subvert the purpose of the pacifist constitution.

The Yonhap News Agency also stated that the South Korean government stated that Japan must first obtain the approval of the South Korean government before dispatching troops to the peninsula based on the “counterattack capability” in an extraordinary period. South Korean Foreign Ministry officials have also repeatedly mentioned that Japan’s future security policy should abide by the spirit of the pacifist constitution and be carried out openly in the direction of contributing to regional peace and stability.

Regarding Japan’s increase in defense spending, it is reported that an official from the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it is closely monitoring relevant trends.

At the end of the report, South Korean Foreign Ministry officials stated that the Japanese government has explained to the South Korean government in advance the revision of the security documents through diplomatic channels at all levels of the two countries, and the South Korean government has also explained its position.

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