girl worked as a doctor

A 20-year-old girl working as a doctor in a hospital without studying medicine has been arrested in Turkey.

Aize Ozqueraz’s family wanted him to become a doctor, so he took the medical exam after high school but failed.

Ize didn’t want to disappoint her parents, so instead of admitting her failure, she told her parents that she had gotten into a medical university and was becoming a doctor.

The girl forged exam marks and enrollment papers so that her parents could not find out.

Ayze not only lied to her parents, but also took up residence in a hostel in Istanbul and told people that she was a medical student.

She made a fake student ID card, and attended a medical university, meeting medical students.

Somehow Aizeh managed to get a job in a hospital.

Internet Photo
Internet Photo

Doctors later became suspicious of the girl as she would not answer or give the wrong answers to basic medical questions.

When the doctors became convinced that Ize was lying about her training, the staff called the police.

When the police searched the girl’s apartment, they found fake ID cards, fake documents, and medical uniforms from different hospitals in Turkey.

She was immediately arrested; the girl also confessed to being a fake doctor for a year.

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