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According to overseas network, December 17, according to the British “Guardian” report, on the 16th local time, the United Nations Secretary-General’s spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric (Stéphane Dujarric) said that the United Nations is very disturbed by Twitter’s ban on journalists’ accounts It warned the move was a “dangerous precedent”.

Dujarric said it was “very disturbing” that the accounts of technology journalists from several American media outlets, which had reported on Musk and his technology companies, had also been banned. He also said Twitter should not silence media voices on a platform that calls itself “free speech.”

On the 15th, Twitter suddenly banned the accounts of several media reporters without any explanation. Musk did not immediately respond. The European Union has warned against this. An EU official tweeted that the news that Twitter has arbitrarily banned journalists’ accounts is worrying. The EU’s Digital Services Act requires respect for media freedom and rights,

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