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In the Indian state of Rajasthan, a man killed his maternal grandmother and cut her into 10 pieces.
According to Indian channel NDTV, police said that 32-year-old Anuj Sharma killed his 64-year-old maternal grandmother in Jaipur area when she stopped the accused from going to attend a function in New Delhi.

According to the police, Anuj Sharma was living with his father, sister, and paternal aunt Saroj in Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur.
Accused Anuj Sharma’s maternal grandmother used to stay at her brother’s house after the death of her husband. His mother died during Corona.
On December 11, Anuj and his paternal grandmother Saroj were alone at home while his father and sister had gone to Indore.
The police said that Anuj wanted to go to Delhi when Saroj stopped him and the two had an altercation. In the meantime, the accused hit his grandmother on the head with a hammer while she was making tea in the kitchen.
According to the police, the accused then cut the dead body into ten pieces with a marble cutter and put it in a suitcase and threw it outside the city near the Jaipur Sikar highway.
The accused then filed a missing report to mislead the police and started searching for the victim along with other relatives.
During the interrogation, the police suspected that the accused was changing his statement, on which the CCTV footage was taken. In the footage, the accused was seen leaving the house with a suitcase.
After that, when the accused was questioned, he confessed to killing the mother-in-law and said that he had hit her on the head with a hammer.
Jaipur Police Commissioner Anand Srivastava said that the accused were well-educated and intelligent. His psychological problems have also come to the fore. The police had doubted the missing report as the CCTV footage did not show the accused’s paternal grandmother leaving the house.
According to the police, the accused did not show any shame for what he had done, and a case has been registered against him under the provisions of murder and destruction of evidence.

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