Hawaiian Airlines

According to US officials, at least 36 passengers have been injured on a passenger plane due to severe turbulence in the state of Hawaii.
Emergency medical services in Honolulu, Hawaii, confirmed that 35 to 36 passengers on the Hawaiian Airlines flight were treated and 20 were taken to hospital.

According to the American news agency AP, emergency medical services say that “11 people out of 20 are seriously injured.”
The plane was en route from Phoenix to Honolulu with 278 passengers and 10 crew members on board.
The Meteorological Department said that a severe weather warning had been issued.
John Snook, chief operating officer of Hawaiian Airlines, said, “This kind of incident has not happened in recent years.”
“We are satisfied and fortunate that no major incident occurred during this accident, no one lost a life.” We hope that the injured passengers will recover.”
He said that three staff members were also among the injured.
Passenger Kelly Reiss told Hawaii News that her mother was also on the plane. During the struggle, his mother’s head hit the roof of the plane.
This year, due to bad weather, there were many incidents of turbulence in the plane.
In July, American Airlines experienced ‘unexpected turbulence’ and eight passengers were hospitalized.
Similarly, Southwest Airlines also faced turbulence in June. Three crew members including a passenger, were injured in it.

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